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Era of Big Brains EOBB
Brett Schieszer
May 19 - July 30, 2017

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Opening Reception // alongside FIRE
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Saturday, June 17th, 2017
6pm - 10pm

PAR-Projects Headquarters
1662 Hoffner Street
Cincinnati 45223

Artist Talk & Second Reception
Details launching soon.

When asked if he could display a few small works in our shipping container gallery space, Mr. Schieszer instead changed the conversation. Inspired by the format of our installation-only gallery space, "The nook," he asked if installation work was possible inside of our container space as well. Of course it was and now it is -- installed that is.

Departing from his roots as a printmaker, Brett presents Era of Big Brains, an exhibition composed of a collaged, painted, built-out, full-wall environment, which lives across from the smaller, traditionally framed prints that inspired the large-scale work.

Brett's statement related to EOBB:
Perception is not profound. It is purely an automated process of experience, and no being can elude this reality. The fascination lies in the vast variances of all the perceptions that have been construed around the world and throughout time. It is deeply important to be cognizant and empathic to all those experiences.

This installation is a space that relies on one's perception. Each experience in one's existence helps define and bring order to what is observed in this space.

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Statement from the curator:

Coming Soon.

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Prepared by: Jonathan Sears
PAR-Projects' Chief Curator