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Say what?!?
Brainstorming, yes brainstorming, it's that old-school art-form that's often forgotten about when plans are being made for the next BIG thing. It really does help though.

For us, this has typically taken place in private sessions. But, moving forward, we'd like to change that a bit. The reason is, we've realized a lot of people have a lot more to offer than even they know. But in the same breath, a lot of those same people don't want to be formal, stuffy or put on the spot about their ideas.

So, why not open up brainstorming sessions from time to time?? Maybe, this looks like a cookout. Maybe this looks like a cheese-tasting extravaganza. Maybe our resident sushi chef will throw a sushi party from time to time. Regardless of the setting, we hope to attract some beautiful minds, that just want to enjoy good company, add to the conversation and maybe even do a little networking while their at it. Who knows?

Moving Forward:
We suspect our first brainstorming session/social will take place sometime this summer. But to stay informed on all of the exciting details, please join our mailing list HERE, and we'll be sure to keep you up to date.

Just knowing how The Corn Maze Project was conceived has us extremely excited for these future meet-ups.