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Rick Mallette
June 17 - August 12, 2017

Opening Reception
Find it: HERE on Facebook.
Saturday, June 17th, 2017
6pm - 10pm

PAR-Projects Headquarters
1662 Hoffner Street
Cincinnati 45223

Artist Talk & Second Reception
Details launching soon.

To help our first "official" season at PAR-HQ pick up a bit of steam, Rick Mallette is creating FIRE, an exhibition that promises to be one for the books. With this fully immersive fine art installation in our "Nook" gallery space, Rick stretches his comfort levels with sculpture, painting, collage and motion.

Rick Mallette joins us from Cincinnati, OH. Since receiving his BFA from Western Michigan University and his MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, he's demonstrated his talents through exhibitions at Contemporary Arts Center, The Weston, and The Carnegie (Covington, KY).

In contrast, he's also exhibited with independent spaces such as Semantics, while working with non-profits and local businesses, highlighting ArtWorks Cincinnati and OMS Photography as well known examples.

A chance meeting at our Light Strikes exhibition in 2015 began a conversation and a number of idea sessions, that eventually lead to the creation of FIRE. We're both lucky and delighted to be hosting this sight-specific installation.

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Statement from the curator:

Coming Soon.

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Prepared by: Jonathan Sears
PAR-Projects' Chief Curator