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A Statement:
PAR-Projects' mission is to help empower community in the arts. As educators, we provide workshops & eight-week classes, related to career development & skills training. As working artists, we enjoy hosting thought provoking exhibits & large scale collaborations throughout Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

In addition to items based in creativity, we also have progressive goals based in sustainability and look to broaden our community's understanding of green design, up-cycling and creative problem solving. Together, we put all of this in motion through public art projects, artist-led demonstrations, and collaborations with professionals in various fields.

A Little More:
For the majority of our creative programming, we strive to create a class of new art appreciators who range in age, but are most frequently 25 - 50 years young. To keep this base as tuned in as possible, we curate most of our exhibitions with early to mid-career artists based in our region ...a subset that allows collectors to grow and engage with those they believe in.

Our education offerings focus on ways to successfully engage "driving age" teenagers and career-minded adults. The reason: We've found a lack of creative programming benefitting these groups. When we can introduce new career paths for young (often marginalized) adults, we do. When we can help entrepreneurs become more self-sufficient as it relates to graphic design and website maintenance, we educate.