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Generally speaking, we're a group made up of artists, designers, environmental folks, business professionals, and a whole lot of community/volunteer assistance. We are:

Jonathan Sears // Executive Director // Board Member
Fine artist and former professor of design, Jonathan co-founded PAR-Projects with the goal of showing how the arts can positively affect the dynamics of a community. Since 2010 he's taken the lead in all of PAR's collaborations and has been crafting his sometimes zany ideas into creative realities throughout Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky.

Aside from PAR-Projects, Jonathan serves as a Director on the Northside Community Council Executive Board. He also proudly sits on the Northside Education Committee where he's directly involved with an initiative aimed at providing Northside's grade-school teachers with additional resources to assist in their day-to-day activities.

Current Favorite Quote:
"If your life's work can be accomplished in your lifetime, you're not thinking big enough." ~ Wes Jackson

Favorite Live Band:
Zap Mama
Alisha Budkie // Board Member
While graduating from Industrial Design at DAAP, Alisha co-founded Crafty Supermarket. She continued to support the creative community by opening Smartfish Supply, now Rock Paper Scissors, in OTR, and organizing Second Sunday on Main for two years. She's now using community and creativity to make mental and emotional well-being more approachable and accessible, and proudly serves on our board and education committee.

Current Favorite Quote:
"Let go of perfect, find something better!"

Spirit Food:
Elizabeth Davis // Board Member
Elizabeth has just recently joined our team.

More Information:
Coming Soon

Fun Things:
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Ollie Kroner // Board Member
Ollie likes projects - fixing up old houses, building websites, starting soccer leagues... His favorite thing is to help other people launch their ideas. In his free time, he works as an Environmental Scientist, and is President of the Northside Community Council.

Current Favorite Quote:
"Community is not just where you live, it's how you live with other people." ~ Tommy Rueff

Pet Peeve:
When people say "they should" when "we should" is so much more effective.
Ron Reblando // Board Member
Ron Reblando received his MBA from Yale University with a concentration in Finance and in-depth studies in Operations & Production Management and International Business. He was recruited from Yale by Procter & Gamble Finance and was previously Director of Strategic Operations at Convergys, a leader in business process outsourcing and call center solutions.

In addition to his work with PAR-Projects, Ron serves on the boards of the Hispanic Chamber Cincinnati USA and Greater Cincinnati Independent Business Alliance. Ron is also well known throughout Cincinnati via Angst Coffee House -- a mainstay coffeehouse which served the artists and eclectics of Cincinnati in the late 90s.
Herb Robinson // Board Member
Retired from manufacturing management and quality assurance at Procter & Gamble (2012), Herb focusses on community service to make a difference in his neighborhood, Cincinnati, and beyond. Herb currently works with The Ohio State University Minority Engineering Program, PAR-Projects, Avondale Comprehensive Development Corporation, Avondale Running Club and New 2 You Thrift Store in Corryville.

Current Favorite Quote:
"Those who think it cannot be done should get out of the way of those doing it'" ~ Chinese Proverb

Favorite Recording Artist:
will.i. am (of the Black Eyed Peas)
Jens G. Rosenkrantz Jr // Board Member
Jens has just recently joined our team.

More Information:
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Fun Things:
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Jeffrey Sears // Board Member
Committing his services remotely -- via Morgan Franklin in Washington DC -- Jeffrey volunteers his expertise related to financial planning and bookkeeping. As PAR-Projects continues to grow, Jeffrey plays a key roll in pre-audit services as he did while he was a Senior Manager with Ernst & Young.

When not in a business mindset, you can find Jeff training for half-marathons and generally enjoying life through travel and the occasional concert.

Other Teammates // Details Coming Soon
Please excuse our dust as we continue to update this page. Further details on our newest board members -- as well as a few of our building project leaders -- will be launching soon.

(and we're still growing)
If you're interested in joining our team, we're all ears. Just let us know how you'd like to contribute. As we continue to create projects, there's always room for new ideas. And quite frankly, we welcome anyone who's willing to take time out of their day to volunteer.

More specific board information is also available upon request.