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"Design is a series of creative choices - it's a collaborative effort, an evolutionary process."
~ Marc Jacobs
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Our Collaborative Community initiative has been designed to encourage more people and organizations to work with one another, towards a common goal. Our hope is this initiative will help inspire more community-centric participation in projects, events, and educational processes.

In our experience, collaborations are best when individuals get together, decide on an issue they'd like to address and slowly build from there. This approach begins with teamwork and doesn't easily let previously planned ideas become predictable solutions. It simply changes the dynamic when you're asked to show up with a blank notebook and an open mind.

How will you add your point of view and your personal processes to the conversation, all to help a larger idea come to light? Asking ourselves these type of questions is what helped jump start this initiative.
No photocopying allowed.

Funding and Giving Back

The most important part of this initiative is the word Community.

As we begin this work, most of our efforts will focus on impacting our community of Northside. That said, as we develop outreach strategies and launch a few projects, we hope this concept of funding shared ideas by funding teams of collaborators working towards the same goal will become easily replicable. We're simply starting in Northside because we're familiar with the Northside Community Council, the Northside Business Association, as well as some of the interworkings and layouts/geography of the community.

Current Opportunities

We're starting small, but our first opportunities will allow us to gauge interest in this concept and begin working through the process of selecting jurors, getting the word out, etc.

Both of our current opportunities are related to helping our community grow the Northside Summer Market -- an annual community-wide yard sale and Fine Art & Artisan Street Fair. The first is gives up to ten individuals the chance to be awarded $500 each, to "activate" houses and businesses in Northside with their creative projects. The second will provide up to $1,000 for five local non-profits to explore some of their fun and creative ideas as part of the Northside Summer Market street festival!

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   Apply as an individual.   

   Apply as an organization.   

As always, please feel free to share this information.
Thanks in advance!

Create Something Else? With Us. We're always up for trying something new, so we look to team up with local (and/or national/regional) groups a few times a year to create something unexpected.

If interested in collaborating, not necessarily as part of the Our Collaborative Community initiative, please just fill out our short informational form below. And if for some reason nothing is showing up below, just CLICK HERE to directly link to our collaboration request form.