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Our approach is more the jazz approach, where you learn to play your instrument as well as you can, develop your craft, and then communicate with each other. That's the focus, not trying to give some message or entertain or have a good light show or whatever." ~ Butch Trucks
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PAR- A different Approach

Our approach to fine arts is a little different. Categorically, our exhibitions place emphasis on installation artwork. And if you've visited our "Nook" gallery space in Northside, you probably already know what we mean.

Our why comes from a somewhat unique perspective as well, and this Ted Talk quote, from Theaster Gates may sum it up best.

"I believe that beauty is a basic service . . . When there are resources that have not been made available to certain under-resourced cities, or neighborhoods, or communities, sometimes culture is the thing that helps ignite."

In short, we're interested in creating new access points to high levels of creative expression. We're also interested in helping artists express large scale, often-singular visions, with little-to-no rules. When it comes to how we approach our fine arts projects, these are the most important factors.


Our unique spaces are an extension of our experimental nature and offer fresh ways to view contemporary ideas.


The "Nook" is where we present installation-based artwork.

As you can see in the above video (thanks again lonelycubicle), we focus on how elements work together in our space. The visuals, the sounds, and the lighting all play important rolls in each experience.

Encouraging artists to use their years of uniquely developed talent to completely transform our space is what motivates us, so we give most exhibitions a minimum run of two months. We also do everything our skills and funding will allow to support each artist's process.


Our Courtyard is where we gather.

As we continue to grow, our courtyard will play a larger roll in our weekly activities. As of now, we host our "Beer Burger Brunches" in our courtyard. Before long, we'll be creating a performance stage off of our permanent structure.

Before the close of 2018, we also plan to begin screening outdoor films in our ever-updating space. Thanks again to Artificial Grass Recyclers for the 4,000 square feet of recycled turf! We can't wait to have it installed!!


Shipping Containers are our past, present, and future.

Before we owned property in Northside, we were a dream, some favors, and a couple of traveling shipping containers. It was a brave new world, before containers were fashionable. Maybe we were trend-setters, as we had the region's first mobile gallery, but it was just a step in our process.

#MakersMobile was retired back in 2016, but we still activate shipping containers and we're still planning to build with containers in the somewhat-near future. And to keep things fresh, in the fall semester of 2017, architecture students from UC's DAAP program helped us dream up some NEW IDEAS. Stay tuned as we begin to expand on the conversations created during that semester.


Thanks again for exploring our approach!