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"Strategy is about the basic value you’re trying to deliver to customers, and about which customers you’re trying to serve." ~ Michael Porter

Thank you again to Cormier Creative for all of your time and assitance in co-developing our applied arts curriculum + educational guidlines!
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Our strategies continue to evolve as we recognize trends in creative practice. Ultimately, we address gaps we find in local educational systems. But when boiled down, our primary goal is to introduce ways to apply creative energy to today's workforce -- in creative fields, everyday work, and/or fine art practice.

Our biggest inspiration, and the first text we cited when starting this work, is an article from Newsweek titled The Creativity Crisis. Published in July of 2010, this article dives into how our nation often focuses on passing tests, rather than encouraging students to seek out creative solutions. If you have a moment, please click this sentence to link to a printable pdf of the article.

Year's later, much of The Creativity Crisis still holds true and it's a simple text we refer to, from time to time, to remind ourselves to take a step back. How do we want to position our energy, related to the bigger picture?

Knowing we won't be able to single-handedly tackle everything we'd like to, we have worked with a number of organizations to develop a few paths forward. Specifically, and strategically, we've created an educational system that gives visiting artists and creatives a platform which helps mold their individual skill-sets into productive education methods -- methods that benefit both the students and the educators. And in creating this system, we made sure it introduced a structure, but remained flexible enough to cater to our teenage populations, as well as our budding entrepreneurs.

As this program grows, we'll begin offering direct pathways into gainful employment, higher education, and studio-related internships. This all starts with our classes, so please consider exploring your vision and allowing us to add a few new skills to your personal growth and development.