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So what's this all about?
Makers Mobile is the first GIANT step in the direction of owning and operating an art & education facility in Northside Cincinnati. The cool thing is that it's completely mobile and can literally roam around the region offering pop-up exhibition space as well as arts education and demonstration space.

With that, imagine some things with us for a moment...

If you're already someone comfortable with visiting art galleries and museums, you probably already see the potential in Makers Mobile. But, what if you're someone who doesn't even know how to find great art? Wouldn't it be fun to discover Makers Mobile in route from your car to the mall entrance?

Better yet, if you live in a neighborhood that doesn't have any inspirational gallery spaces, wouldn't it be exciting to stumble on a fine art exhibit when visiting your local library or grocery store?

Still, how would you find the space? Of course, you can already track us via our twitter account at: twitter.com/MakersMobile. But, it may be just as fun to just keep your eyes peeled for one of the most creatively painted shipping containers you've ever seen! It's been designed by and will be painted by the good folks at Higher Level Art!

A video of them customizing one of many classrooms in the Greater Cincinnati area is below.

Moving Forward...
The simple encounters like the ones listed above are just the start of why we consider Makers Mobile such a valuable asset to the arts in our region ...and beyond. But, the more impressive thing about Makers Mobile is that it's literally the first piece of our 12-shipping-container arts and education space pictured below.

If you're familiar with Northside, Cincinnati, you may already be aware of our community's dedication to the green life and sustainability, which is one reason we'll be building out of repurposed materials. And to reinforce this focus, we'll also be offering classes in green design and be initiating more initiatives like "Project Corn Maze" in the future. (If you haven't heard about that, we're growing around an acre of corn for a Northside maze and converting the donated space into neighborhood/community gardens.)

But, to help all of this actually happen, we have to break everything down into phases ...much like how we've approached the public. The first step was to prove some of our capabilities through community programming. So we created events like The State of Matter (2010), The Factory Square Arts Festival (2011), Symphonic Stylings (2012) and Brass Meets Bronze (2013).

Now, we're growing sweet corn to donate to shelters and have launched the idea of Makers Mobile to bring our ideas even further into the region.

So, after this project, it's off to build Phase 1 of our and education center, which is a single floor facility including a courtyard and a stacked-container entry way. Makers Mobile is represented by the green outlined "Entry/Gallery" in the floor plan pictured below.

In closing:

To illustrate what a shipping container facility looks like (before paint) and how they're constructed, a time-lapse installation video, of an office building in Rhode Island, can be found below.

Please enjoy and don't forget to Click HERE to donate to this project before time runs out!